Retaining Walls in Spring

Retaining walls are structures that hold or retain soil behind them. They are most often used to elevate certain areas of commercial and residential properties around Spring, but they are also good for slope management, drainage control and providing extra surface space on a piece of property. Given their various practical applications, it’s no wonder why home and business owners want to have these structures built on their Spring properties. Plus, when done correctly, retaining walls can add an aesthetic flourish that add to your home or business’s curb appeal.

Of course, there is no point in installing a retaining wall of any size unless it’s built by qualified masons. Otherwise, your investment could come crumbling down. Rather than risk regretting choosing a contractor that was unable to deliver on their promises, get in touch with Kingwood Masonry Pro.

Kingwood Masonry Pro is comprised of trained masons who have plenty of experience installing retaining walls in commercial and residential properties across the Spring area. To discuss your retaining wall needs with one of the most qualified professionals in the area, give Kingwood Masonry Pro a call today.

Types of Retaining Walls

Though individual retaining walls may have certain features that make them look wholly unique, the truth is there are four basic types of retaining walls:

Gravity walls. These walls hold in earth by the weight of the wall material. We’ll use heavy pavers to keep the soil in. This type of wall is ideal for short slopes of three feet or less.

Piling walls. With the help of long piles or poles that go deep into the soil as well as above it, we can easily build something that holds back the soil on your property.

Cantilever walls. These are very similar to piling walls. The only difference is that cantilever walls feature added strength from an arm that extends back onto the slope, which increases their capacity to stabilize pressure.

Anchored walls. By far the strongest type of retaining wall, and it can be combined with other techniques to increase the strength of the wall. As the name suggests, there is an anchor wrapped around the wall and has a base deeper into the hill, which provides the stabilization.

No matter which retaining wall you would like installed on your commercial or residential property, it is important that you choose Kingwood Masonry Pro to build it. Because these walls will be in a constant battle with gravity, you need to make sure they built solid. And, no matter what you are building, masonry is synonymous with solid construction.

Choosing Kingwood Masonry Pro to build you a retaining wall out of concrete, brick or stone comes with a guarantee that it will be able to withstand the elements and the test of time. We are proud to offer a number of different custom design options, so just let us know what you have in mind for a specific color or look to complement your landscape.

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